Thursday, August 11, 2011

Details, Details

This bring our first big remodel, the number of choices that need to be made have been a bit overwhelming. Some seem clearly important. Say, the cabinets. After looking at a million books and pictures of other kitchens, we were able to bring in some samples and say "We want their kitchen." 

Our contractor sent us to Heartwood Custom Cabinets in Salem where we worked with the owner, Dale, to find a layout and choose cabinets. They were all made in his shop and we were happy to support the local economy. (Hopefully that will make up for the choice of a foreign hood over a Viking.) What was really excellent was when Dale dropped by with the sample cabinet. We put it next to our current ones and found it was almost exactly the same color, just not so chippy. Won't the new kitchen feel oh so familiar.

But we did choose to make the island black so they aren't all so similar. They are completed and waiting for us to get started and look beautiful! 

Then it was on to all the other details. Hours of scouring websites, pouring over pulls and knobs thinking, "What does this pull say about our kitchen?" and "How does this knob define our style?" Only to have Tim kick in with helpful advice like, "It doesn't really matter anyway since no one notices them. Really, do you know what the pulls look like in any of our friends' houses?" And he was totally right. After a few more days agonizing, we chose these:

Not completely boring but also not too out there. Not, as Tim will tell you, that anyone will pay much attention anyway.

We chose a completely average granite. I'm sure you've seen this (or its cousin) a million times.

The backsplash is porcelain imitating travertine. Again, nothing too fancy or wild but with a few points of interest. This, surprisingly, turned out to be a pretty easy choice. From the million pictures we reviewed, travertine (or in our case, faux travertine at a third the price) fit the overall look we liked. This was almost the first sample we saw on display and it was the one. (Though I did dutifully look at a ton of other options just to be sure.)

So far, we're rocking a fair bit of neutral colors: off white (actually macaroon cream but who is getting fancy?), tan, black. Which leads us to the island light. I have a bit of a history of liking bat poo crazy lighting so naturally, this was my front runner for the chandelier.

But I thought there was seriously no way Tim was going to go for it. To my utter shock and amazement, his response was "Well you know, all the style shows say you need one piece of whimsy in each room."  

Huh? Did I just get a green light for my insane lighting choice in the same sentence my husband used the word whimsy? Indeed I did. But there was some waffling. One of the reasons I like eccentric lighting is that you can change them for a relatively low cost as opposed to the expense of switching out a statement making backsplash. This could, however, be beyond the pale. 

And then there was the cost. The lighting budget was up to $500 - this was $670. Seeing as the original projections should have been plenty, going $170 over felt extravagant. 

As I poured over the internet for alternative lighting, this website had "my" chandelier for $445.51. This was clearly A SIGN. [While he had already told me to do whatever I wanted, Tim agreed.] Seeing as things were going my way, a quick coupon search seemed in order. Now under normal circumstances, this type of effort is wasted, finding only expired codes or free shipping that is readily available on the store site. But being my lucky day, a working code turned up for an additional 5% off. Total end cost: $423.23. Crazy made the cut.

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