Thursday, August 11, 2011

Embrace the Chaos

With the kitchen just a few weeks away from demolition, it occurred to me that we might need somewhere to store the contents of our kitchen and our storage room was 1) completely overstuffed and 2) utterly disorganized. So last week while the girls were enjoying their Harry Potter movie fest, I took everything out of the storage room, cleaned it all out, and put back what didn't get thrown out/given away.  

It was a bit of an undertaking.

With the requisite needed room for the contents of the kitchen, it was time to start packing that up too.  We started with the liquor cabinets. 

The contents stored over the fridge were very heavily populated with partial bottles of odd liquors purchased for specialty drinks never to be made again. There were some tough decisions and, sadly, that bottle of coconut rum from a 1996 trip to Jamaica didn't make the cut. 

After a long day of packing and a few trips to the Goodwill, we are down to a bare bones kitchen and counting down the days.

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