Friday, August 19, 2011


It was brought to my attention last night that I have been a complete slacker blogger in the past few weeks and my absence of another week was not appreciated. (Cough Amy Cough) While we haven't been completely activity free, so much of my time has been absorbed by getting the house ready for our start date, the 26th - after what I am sure was our one and only delay (ha), I have not devoted much time to my online presence. Fear not readers, I will attempt to make up for my dismal showing in August.

After Morrigan got back from Hogwarts camp, we were invited out to a day at the lake. What marked this visit and set it apart from past lakeside aquatic adventures was that nary a kid needed a lifejacket (for swimming anyway.) It was a welcome change. We certainly had to keep a pretty close eye on E, as his method of swimming still very closely resembles drowning, we were not plagued with complaints all day about uncomfortable life vests.

Morrigan was invited to a birthday party at Splash Valley so the kids and I all went there one night last week. I was content to sit on the sidelines but couldn't resist Maggie's pleas that I go down the two "big" slides. These adventures are always a bit anxiety provoking as I have a long and colorful history of ending up at the bottom of a waterslide with more out than should be but I faced my fears and emerged victorious with both girls safely tucked away.

And of course there was Hans' 40th birthday party!

Which led to an entire day lost on the getting ready for construction front but it was well worth it.

Other than that, it's all packing, all the time! Our new and improved start date means the excrement is hitting the fan right before school starts. Should be fun? Terrifying? At least the friends kind enough to take us in for the nights we are displaced by the floors have a kegerator. 

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