Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday, Downtown Style

After deciding that the kids could choose their own activities this fall, it dawned on me that I might want to find out, and soon, in which activities they wanted to participate. Morrigan mentioned drama. Not having any solid leads on 5th grade acting, I promised to keep my eyes open. As if it was meant to be, a few weeks later an email from the Roanoke Children's Theater showed up in my inbox with their fall schedule AND open audition call. 

Morrigan was in. She was undaunted by the prospect of a one minute poem and 16 bars of a song. She set to work memorizing a Shel Silverstein poem and chose the Owl City song Fireflies. Truthfully, I have no idea if these are wise choices. I was busy being overwhelmed by the fact that they wanted her resume and headshot. Headshot. Our resume was 4 years of piano and last year's Christmas picture would have to do. 

So this morning, we were off. We arrived a few minutes early and found a flock of acting hopefuls already gathered. Based on the way other Moms muscled past me and the 8x10 glossies they were toting, I am a complete failure as a stage mom, which I will wear as a badge of honor. In spite of my shortcomings, Morrigan got an early audition spot. 

The parents waited outside so I didn't see her in action. But her assessment was she did great. Callbacks are tomorrow so we'll see if the judges agree. 

We're slated to go to a block party this afternoon but had some time to kill so I suggested the Indian Festival downtown. The idea was dismissed out of hand by all the kids until Morrigan was swayed by the prospect of seeing an Indian wedding, complete with the groom arriving on horseback.

As we parked, Morrigan asked if it was an Indian festival like Native American Indians. No, I told her, like Indians from India. "You mean like snake charming, turban wearing Indians?" she said enthusiastically. Holy stereotype. Clearly, if the goal of this festival is to spread knowledge about Indian culture, we really needed to be there.

Having missed the groom's entrance, we settled for the rest of the ceremony.

Local politicians were there as well and we had a chance to say hi to our local congressman, Bob Goodlatte. 

We stayed and watched several dance troupes and the kids claimed to be enjoying it though I think that mostly had to do with my willingness to buy sodas and sno-cones. But the girls did seem to truly appreciate the beautiful saris and were more than disappointed none were available in their size. 

Eion, on the other hand, was attempting Bollywood dancing and trying to pick up chicks.

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