Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are You Ready

For some football! One of our longtime poker playing friends set up a fantasy football league this fall. Looking at the email, I assumed it was a couples-as-team kind of thing and signed us up. Considering Tim is in another league this year, he would have all the research done and I would just get to run my mouth and talk smack to the other teams.

Not so fast Katie.

It was individuals. D'oh! I knew how fantasy football worked in general but have been a little too busy to keep up with the preseason to know which players were hot draft picks. Luckily for me and all the other novices, they have auto-draft which will choose for you if the pressure was too much. As the draft approached, I didn't know if I would wimp out that way or attempt to form my own squad, but it was a solid fallback plan.

Then the renovations threw a wrench in my plans. Draft day was one of the nights we were staying with Jerry and Melanie. Leaving my three kids with them while I went to a fantasy football party was too far for even me to go so I told Tim to head out without me and just put me on auto-draft. He alleges he felt guilty (the jury is out) and asked if he could take Jerry with him. In a rather odd way, it made me feel better not to send him alone. And with that, I abdicated responsibility for selecting my team (though I did tell Jerry that if he wanted to just hang out, auto-draft was a-ok.)

Melanie and I hung out and had some wine when the texts along the lines of "hope you like New York" started coming in. As I pulled up my roster, it was clear indeed that a New Jersey native and Giants fan had played a part. While most team lists have a colorful variety of logos from across the NFL, mine were, by and large, the Jets and Giants. When I questioned what a Raven was doing on my team, Jerry let me know that Rice went to Rutgers. Of course!

Seeing as how I had no expectation of fielding a winning team on my own, not to mention the league is for bragging rights only and maybe an awesome trophy, I decided to go with it. My season, it did appear, was going to hinge on having a subway Superbowl.

Sunday rolls around and the first match is on. My team, Master of Panic, was up against Lil D. Much to my surprise, I found myself obsessively tracking my team's progress and routinely updating Jerry as I feel like we're in this together now. Not only did I/we win, we did so with authority, scoring the second highest number of points in the league. I guess my only possible response is go Jets, go Giants, and go Rutgers alumni! [And maybe a little haha for those who mocked my team :)]

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