Friday, September 2, 2011

Did I Say A Little Help?

When I said we are getting by with a little help, I have to amend that to a lot. Tons. More than we deserve. So here's the update from the land of no kitchen, lots of dust and really freaking noisy.

First up in the help department are Amy & Sean and Kirsten & Tom who both graciously fed us last weekend when, as a family, we discovered how very much we hate eating out. I believe the children's exact words were, "This totally sucks." Here we are waiting for a table at Thelma's Chicken and Waffles which in spite of having the best food in town continues to have s-l-o-w service.

Both families saved us from restaurants and tolerated my children's picky eating habits. Mega Big thank you there.

Then came the first day of school. All children were happily off to their respective schools. Tim and I were happily off on a seven mile walk.

I was the tiniest bit taken aback when Maggie's school called and asked what bus Margaret would be taking home. My response was "Who the hell is Margaret?" Apparently, she's decided she needs a more formal name. Though I have been assured we can still call her Maggie at home.

Monday was also the day they came to sand and seal the floors meaning we had to evacuate. Insert help from friends part two!

Melanie and Jerry graciously offered to have our entire family sleep over the two days while we had to be out of the house. Above and beyond doesn't even cover it. And then when mistakes were make and the floors were going to take two more days, I wasn't even off the phone with the contractor before Mel was telling me to do whatever we needed and stay as long as we like. We are reaching a level of permanent indebtedness that may never be repaid.

Though the kids thought it was a blast - like a four day playdate!

Admittedly, the adults had fun too. That kegerator is really convenient. And hopefully, we didn't jack up their lives too much. A million thank yous there too!

As to the status of the house, we have walls again and the floors are done, save one more coat of polyurethane. 

Painting and cabinets are going on today before the three day weekend. And we are back home, albeit with no cooking capacity. Thelma's, here we come!

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