Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's a Start

Well, we have some progress:

Certainly not in that we-can-live-in-this-space or, god forbid, cook-in-this-space way but we're on the right path. And thank goodness we weren't planning on using the dining room anytime soon.

Meanwhile, we have taken up near permanent residence at Tom & Kirsten's. They kindly took me and the kids in on Friday after school while Tim was working. Then Saturday, the plan was to head out to the Club and go to the pool. A plan that was completely thwarted by a downed tree in the pool which facebook told us about mere minutes before we were about to make the trek out.  We had a decent sized pool bound contingent who were suddenly without plans. But never fear - it was K & T to the rescue, offering their own pool up as our new destination! While afternoon rain eventually broke up the party, we had plenty of pool fun before the storm hit. And I am pretty sure that after the last two days, I have spent more time at their pad than my own this weekend. We are going to owe lots and lots of dinners.

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