Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maggie's Birthday: Part 2

Quick - pop quiz. Maggie is having a birthday party. Where is it? 

Why Chuck E Cheese of course! So on the second day I had a functional kitchen, I was at CEC having pizza for dinner. And of course, beer.

As ever, CEC wins for sheer convenience. We walked in on a Friday, armed with nothing but a debit card, had a great party, and didn't have to clean up.

E was representing for the Lost Ark...

And Mags had an excellent time filled with cake, plastic crowns, medallions and large rodents.

Why, after so many other family parties, are we here again? I am firmly convinced it is the fault of the Ticket Blaster, a CEC new addition since Maggie's last party there.

She dominated, garnering enough tickets for her AND her sister to get whoopee cushions. Perfect.

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