Friday, September 2, 2011

These Are My Confessions

I'm not a big disposable container kind of girl. Or for that matter, a ziplock or paper towel person. While I may not always fall on the "green" side (i.e. doubter of man made global warming, driver of a land yacht) I am firmly committed to eliminating unneeded waste from my life. For many a year now, lunches have been packaged in reusable plastic containers with drinks in metal bottles.

Well, the lack of kitchen has changed all of that. My packing of lunches in our office has made me move to the side of convenience, landfills be damned. We maintain the water bottles but have fallen to single serving, individually wrapped carrots and chips. Not to mention the peanut butter sandwiches in ziplocks.

And it is so nice.

Wait, did I say so nice? I meant so unbelievably awesome.

Rather than cleaning out nine to twelve containers every afternoon, I do nothing. A quick rinse of the water bottle and you are out. Realistically, even that could wait seeing as water doesn't get all smelly or gross. Knowing myself, there is no way in hell I can produce that amount of trash daily on a long term basis, especially when I have a kitchen back. But I can say that I understand the allure of the disposable society. Shoot, if I could get my kids to eat school lunches, I might turn to the dark side and never come back.

Fortunately for me (and the landfills), my kids are completely averse to school lunches and I will (god willing) soon have a kitchen again. In the meantime, I will quietly love the shortcuts.

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