Friday, September 9, 2011

We're Getting There

Where were we last....ah yes! Dust and destruction. Well we've made some major progress. The family room is done (save a few curtain rods.) 

We had to move in with Mel and Jerry for one more night in order to get those shiny floors but they are worth it. We have some movers coming Monday to bring all our furniture back in. I was willing to move everything out with Tim but I'll be damned if I am going to risk scratching the floors. Not to mention, we have some heavy stuff. It will be money well spent. 

In addition to furniture, we will also have a fridge in the house again. Keeping things cold, check. Hot? Not so much.

The cabinets are in but the granite is going to hold up the show for about a week and a half. So no stove or water. But I am still thrilled that I will have somewhere to sit. Baby steps people.

And the kids! I know they aren't getting much press these days (who can compete with a remodel?) but they are still here. They too are excited about the prospect of furniture. School is going well so far. E is apparently being very good. (I swear - I interrogated his teacher.) He's back to Tae Kwon Do and swimming and is, thus far, complaint free, a status expected to last minutes at best.

Maggie is a bit put out that she has to work at her new school but is coping ok. I think she was so used to everything coming easily that the challenges are a bit frustrating. She took it as a downright failure that she needed help with one assignment. 

School doesn't bother Morrigan but the after school activities, ugh. After years of trying to direct them to What I Know Is Best, I totally freaking gave up and let them self direct. I was trying to pin her down on what she wants to do when she broke into tears and cried "I hate sports!" So here is the dilemma, we want her to be physically active but, as a klutz myself, I completely understand hating sports. We ended up telling her she didn't have to participate in organized sports but would need to go on walks or something other than lay on the sofa with her nose in a book. We'll see how that all works out. 

As for yours truly, I am once again a (paid) writer! My second article was published in a local paper, The South Roanoke Circle. (You'll find me on page three.) The topic is a bit controversial and I was (very very) nervous about how my neighbors would react. To date, I've only heard good things but then again, who the hell is going to come up and tell me I suck? 

Goodness, this post is all over the place which I think is a direct reflection of the status of my brain these days. I'll endeavor to straighten it all out by my next post - but no promises.


  1. Congrats on your new writing job! Your article was great. I agree that some things are just introduced to kids at too young of an age.

    My daughter is having a school year where things aren't coming as easy as they always have. I think it will be a good thing though-I think she needs to be pushed a bit.

    Your remodel is looking good. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. :)