Friday, October 14, 2011

The Benefits of Being the Squeaky Wheel

Not long after my encounter with the school board, I received an email from the principal letting me know that, while they thought he might be too advanced for it, Eion would indeed (for the moment), be remediated. Can I get a hallelujah?

I met Cathy, the reading specialist, yesterday and thanked her for letting E in. She told me he fit right in and "I know this sounds funny but I think he is faking it." [Reading that is.] Ah yes people, now you see. The crazy lady ranting about how her kid couldn't read was onto something there.

Just to make sure E gets off to a good start, we have additionally hired a private tutor. When we met with him yesterday, I mentioned the comment from Cathy and he said that "faking it" was very common. He said he sees this all the time in boys who are ADHD (check), really smart in math (check), and can't seem to understand phonics (check, check!) They are bright enough to recognize a few words and then use the context and pictures to fill in the rest of the sentence without actually reading it. The good news us is most of the time, people don't catch this until the kids make it to 3rd grade and the sentences become too complex for "estimating." At least we are nipping it in the bud.

Eion seems to like tone tutor and is excited about learning "reading secrets" that I assured him his sisters didn't know. And we continue to reward him for reading with lightsaber battles and learning square roots. [I'm not kidding, he thinks it is really fun. Ask him what the square root of 50 is.]

But the best part of the encounter with the tutor was this:

Tutor: If you could have one superpower, invisibility, super strength or super speed, which would you have?
Eion: I would want invisibility so I could sneak up on people and kick them in the head.
Tutor: But only the bad guys right?
Eion: Yes and people I don't like.

It's going to be an interesting year.

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