Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did I Say....

Did I say no more marathon posts? Well call me liar, liar tennis skirt on fire 'cause here we go!

My tennis team won its flight!!! My partner and I were 5-1 for the season (Mary's in the white hat on the far left.) And incidentally, I thought we were about the same height. I really do have this overinflated sense of height and constantly think I am taller than my mighty five feet two inches.

We carved our pumpkins with the kids (girls anyway) actually doing their own! It was way more fun than them picking out intricate designs, noshing on some seeds and hightailing it out of there while we carved for hours.

Though in Eion's case, that is still exactly what happened. Sadly, this beauty from the hands of Tim has already succumbed to the still quite warm weather and had to be chucked off the deck.

Where, incidentally, we discovered that seeds of Halloweens past have grown a pumpkin plant. You have to navigate some precarious thorny plants that tend to leave you looking like Pinhead to get there but they are growing. 

Mom and Dad came for Grandparents' Day at E's school. 

Naturally, he dressed as Indiana Jones.

We'll partially blame their presence for the dearth in blog posts. But when it comes right down to it, the blame rests with my own inner turmoil. Probably, this topic will be the subject of its own post, but while we're here, we can touch on the news that we're strongly considering (let's give it 99% odds) homeschooling Eion.


Yeppers. While the girls have thus far navigated the public school system adeptly, things are not going as well for E. And we might just be out. You think you're shocked? No one is more surprised than me that we are going to be homeschool freaks (with no offense to my new brethren.) Give me a few days and we can go through the whole bloody saga. I'll also accept and prayers for my sanity as well.

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