Saturday, October 15, 2011


Morrigan: Bacon is a very useful thing to have in my lunch.
Me: Because it tastes good?
Morrigan: Yes and it is very popular.
Me: Popular?
Morrigan: Yes, it's very good for trades.
Me: You trade your bacon? For what?
Morrigan: Oh cookies, gummy bears - people will give me just about anything for it. 
Me: Why don't they ask their parents to pack them bacon?
Morrigan: They have but their parents say it isn't healthy.

[Ok, we have to pause in our narrative to examine exactly how backwards it is to refuse your child bacon but to pack gummy bears and cookies.]

Morrigan: Cindy Lou Hoo tried to swipe some bacon the other day but I caught her.
Me: Cindy is Jewish.
Morrigan: There's nothing wrong with being  Jewish.
Me: Of course there's not but most Jewish people don't eat pork products. I'm not sure her Mom would like that.
Morrigan: No pork? That's really sad. So is it ok that I trade my bacon?
Me: I suppose so but try to get a good price for it.

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