Saturday, October 8, 2011

When Distractions Throw You Completely Off Course

So I know what you're thinking. There she is, kitchen done, nary a care in the world  - what is up with the radio silence? I've been stressed. Really, really stressed. Not sleeping well, on the verge of tears (which is something for me) stressed. 

Eion is having a tough time in 1st grade. While math and science seem to be moving along fine, he is failing miserably in reading. While we knew things were not going well, the hour spent trying to finish 10 minutes of reading homework, complete with tears, clued us in, we had no idea he had failed his reading assessment and was falling further and further behind. That is, until the meeting we had at school this week, week six that is for anyone keeping count, where we found out how poorly the whole reading thing was going.

Better yet, we found out that, yes, he was failing but no, not failing enough to get remediated. No, it doesn't make sense to me either. When I suggested that he might need some help, I was told he didn't suck quite enough for them to be bothered to teach him to read during school, but they we happy to keep him in the Tuesday after school reading program once a week, for an hour and a half. Riiight. Because six year olds who have been sitting in class all day really absorb lots when they sit for ninety more minutes at the end of the day.

The school and I are currently in "negotiations." [Which is terribly ludicrous in and of itself, that I have to encourage them to teach my child to read.] I'll keep y'all posted.

But after that rather drawn out intro, here is what we've been up to in addition to stressing!

VA Tech's hockey team had a match against UVA last week and we took the kids. Including the seasonally inappropriate Eion.

It was a great family adventure. It was cheap (kids free, adults $5) which is always favored around here and the kids loved watching the game. Eion and Morrigan were especially enthralled by checking, exclaiming "Good one!" and "Ooh, that's gonna leave a mark!" enthusiastically as players slammed into the boards. Tim, former child hockey player:

(really, he's just the cutest) was flummoxed by the play, wanting to know why the hell they didn't clear the zone until he realized they were "club" teams. In spite of their insufficient zone clearing, fun had by all.

We went to our friend JT's 40th birthday party which was a last minute gathering we were so happy to make it to! Not to mention, a reason to go out on a school night.

Maggie and Eion tested for their orange belts. They said they would call if they didn't pass so we're going with no news is good news here.

In spite of my and my partner's loss, my tennis team is still solidly in first place, having won enough matches that, regardless of the outcome of the last match of the season, will win first place! Woohoo flight four tennis!

I spent Friday at the Highland Park walk-a-thon. My children refused to solicit donations so I figured at least I could help. Not to mention, it was a beautiful, sunshiny day.

I came in 1st place at our couples poker game surprising everyone, including myself. 

And the highlight of my week....meeting Herman Cain!

Kind of by chance I found out that he was going to be signing books at Liberty University this Saturday and thought this was a worthwhile field trip for me and the kids. When I told them we were going, they broke out into cheers in the car.

He was every bit as personable as he seems when you hear him on tv and took some extra time to talk to the kids, who invited his grandchildren over to play. When Eion told him, "You can come too if you want." Herman broke out into a belly laugh.

It was totally worth the trip. What? You say you don't know who Herman Cain is? Well allow me to shamelessly plug here for my favorite GOP Presidential hopeful! Click through to learn more about my main man, Mr. Cain! 

So that just about catches us all up. Let's hope my mental state improves over the next week so I don't have to subject you to more marathon posts.

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