Monday, November 7, 2011

Field Trip

Eion has decided that every outing we have is a homeschool field trip. That includes the tennis shop, the hairdresser and Kroger. But today, we went on an honest to goodness field trip, though it is a bit partisan so I doubt the City schools would have participated.

We went to a Republican victory rally that had local and state elected officials speaking. Did the E listen? Welllll, not so much. For a while he hooted and clapped but when he tired of that, he took to running laps around the crowd with Greg Habeeb's (rep from Salem) son. They went around the crowd and both came back to hug me repeatedly. Cute indeed.

When the speeches were through, E moved in on the governor, Bob McDonnell. Here he is on approach:

One of the other speakers intercepted him and asked, "Do you want to meet the Governor son?" To which E replied, "Yes Sir!" Gov. McDonnell chatted with him and posed for a picture. 

Next up on the field trip roster: it's me and all the kids collecting signatures to get Herman Cain on the ballot in Virginia. Come see us at lunch tomorrow at the SoRo fire station!

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