Monday, November 21, 2011

Grandin Holiday Parade

Oh, I shouldn't have liked it, mostly because it was held a week before Thanksgiving, but it was a good time. Eion, psyched he had a coke, was chatting up the other attendees. One woman looked over at me and mouthed, "He's just the cutest thing!"

Morrigan's Girl Scout troop was in the parade and the leader was nice enough to let Maggie join in too.

They handed out candy and felt important.  It was especially nice when Eion brought over candy his sisters gave him - it seemed a long exercise to get some Hershey's kisses from home into his possession. But I was proud that Morrigan's troop had made their own banner. It just seemed to have more character than the preprinted ones.

E also saw his reading tutor in the parade and called out to him as if he were a rock star.

In spite of my doubts, the parade was very sweet and the kids had an excellent time. Seeing as the birthday party Maggie was scheduled to attend was cancelled due to the flu, we ended up at the Civic Center ice skating.

All three kids got after it in their own way - Maggie led the charge, E was in the center with a cone as a helper, and Morrigan stayed largely on the perimeter. But after a while, all the kids were out on open ice. We stayed til the bitter end with the kids disappointed to leave.

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