Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Night

Oh but I do love Halloween. Even as a kid, I think I liked it better than any other holiday. Sadly, it was on a Monday AND Tim had to work but we weren't going to let that dampen our fun now were we?

Our friends Lori and David invited us over for pizza before trick or treating, as they have now for years. Seeing as we live in a part of the neighborhood where no one would be foolhardy enough to go door to door, those hills are killer, we are always eternally grateful for a home base in the flat lands!

It is a wee bit tough because both Maggie and Eion feel they have a proprietary relationship with Will, neither wanting to take the place of 2nd best friend for the night. But we hugged it out and agreed they would all stick together.

After snacks and posed pictures, the adults grabbed a traveller and we were off and running, literally.

I don't remember running from house to house when I was trick or treating as a kid but that is what my children, and their friends, feel is absolutely necessary now. For the first hour anyway. 

After a loop around White Oak/Brightwood, Eion was out. His bag was 1/3 full and he was tired of trick or treating. Lori was sweet enough to let him hang with her, and apparently discuss all the math he knew, I discovered later, so the girls and I continued on.

We made a pit stop at April & Greg's where, among other things, Morrigan wanted to adjust her costume. She had borrowed her sister's leggings and they were giving her fits.

With fresh supplies for the adults and kids desperate for the next round of houses, we were back at it. 

As it got darker and more crowded, we intermittently lost children and found them again but ended the night with no missing bodies. I was concerned that Morrigan, who was doubly hindered by a foot injury from the day before, causing her to limp and have trouble keeping up with her friends, AND the troublesome leggings would consider the evening a failure. 

But not a chance. As we drove home, loot in hand, it was declared by all, "The best Halloween ever!"

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