Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thank You God or Karma or Whatever Smiled on Me Today

[You know, E's school pics alone are a reason he can't homeschool forever.]

I was decidedly NOT FEELING IT today. Dropped off the girls and returned home to find Eion still asleep. Thank goodness - I was back in bed in a flash where I proceeded to have a major pity party. Among my complaints:

Tim is in Florida leaving me to deal with kids, activities etc all alone. Not to mention, we rarely travel alone so I am just not used to being left like this.

The 24/7 being with E is getting a bit old. While intellectually I know this is the right move, I could do with a trip to the mall since...

I have come to realize that the vast majority of my fall/winter wardrobe has some age on it. Like about 5 years. When I lost my Eion baby weight, I bought new jeans and generally updated my closet. Since then? I've gone with the mantra that I'm not Princess Di and therefore do not need a new outfit for every occasion but when I can't find anything purchased in the last three years, I get irritable. 

As I bemoaned my First World Problems, Eion woke after his 13 hour slumber and went to get breakfast. I generally dragged my feet and put off as long as I could the start of the day.

But then, E was the best guy ever. He read his words without sounding them out. We crushed an entire Science SOL and an entire Social Studies SOL. He knew all his spelling words but two. He killed it at Math. We were done in record time and it seems everything was sinking in. After which he happily played iPad games while I shopped for some new clothes. 

The fates seemed to know I needed a day like that today.

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  1. You bought clothes?? Woah. Must see. ;) (u don't need to publish this comment... )