Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful, And Not

(Yum! Dinner!)

Oh let's get the negative out of the way. I am grumbly that, as he does every other year, Tim is working Thanksgiving. No matter how many years I've been through this, it always sucks. (Though realistically, probably more for him than me.) And we don't have any visitors coming in town so it is me and the kids.

That being said, when you put it all in negatives vs. positives columns, the pluses so heavily outweigh the minuses that I am already feeling guilty for complaining. Today, I am thankful for:

1) Timmy. Tuesday, even knowing he had to work the holiday, he took over the homeschool duties so I could play tennis. Truly, a prince among men. I am (including the dating years) 20 years and counting with the best guy ever.

2) Friends. Our status as holiday orphans did not go unnoticed and we are being fed and cared for by King and Fiona. If that weren't enough to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, we had other offers too for Thursday and beyond. I am blessed with the best friends for which one could hope.

3) Those friends again. Did I mention I only have to cook one dish?

4) My kids. While routinely driving me insane, they are great. (Even the boy.) E continues to thrive in homeschool. He told me he loves it so much he never wants to go back to Crystal Spring. [To which I have to say, slow down. Love you and all, but in a year or so you are totally going back. Just sayin.] And the girls today spent our whole trip to Kmart (needed some shoes for the Christmas pic) trying to find things for Eion - while asking for nothing for themselves. Mags even said she really didn't need anything for Christmas. I am thankful for my three beautiful, smart, and wonderful kids. [Not biased at all by the way.]

4) My country. The greatest country in the world. Not because we are born with some inherent genetic advantage that makes us better, but because we are born in a nation that values freedom, individual rights, and provides us with almost unlimited opportunity.

5) All of You. Over the years, the support, love, and encouragement from my readers kept me afloat in some tough, in a first world sense, times. Thanks for stopping by.

I could go on and on, but by the time we reach my thankfulness for butter, bacon, podcasts and smart phones, this post might start to wear. So we'll call it a night. And I'll wish you a Thanksgiving full of your own blessings.

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