Saturday, December 31, 2011

And on to 2012...

Tim is working tonight and while I had some inquiries, I thought it better to stay home with the minions and call it an early night. With two in bed - we'll have no staying up to see midnight simply so I am saddled with cranky kids tomorrow - I thought I would take this moment of quiet to write about hopes for 2012.

Improve. I was struck by all the people I spoke to (or read their postings) who were, starting tomorrow, going to be a better person, lose weight, whatever. I resolve to make every day a day for resolutions. Not to wait. To make changes for the better every chance I get.

Patience. A quality I lack and one I will continue to pursue while apologizing in advance for not making any progress.

Simplify. So much in life doesn't matter. I hope I can concentrate my efforts on only what does.

Appreciate. I live a charmed existence filled with the best people and experiences for which one could ask. I need to remember that every day.


And I hope that 2011 was everything you wanted it to be. May 2012 exceed all your expectations. Love, Katie

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