Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Alright. We're through hosting parties, basically done shopping, the fridge is full and the house is clean. We are ready for Christmas. Tim's parents arrive tomorrow and their room is ready after booting Morrigan out and undertaking some major cleaning. That girl is a slob.

While we had a picture on the deck for our Christmas card (as you saw a few weeks back,) I like to get "real" Christmas pics taken each year too. When the kids were younger, I would have portraits done more often but as they got older and we all got busier, we are down to birthdays, Easter and Christmas. Some years and sessions are better than others, but, as a picture girl, I'm always happy we went through the trouble.

So without further ado, here is this year's batch, complete with commentary!

The designated picture day was close enough to my birthday that I was able to strong arm Tim into coming with us and being in the pictures - not his favorite thing. But luckily, he loves me a lot and will give in every once in a while. I promised no silly pictures where we were all over the floor. So naturally, this was the first shot:

Oops, sorry Tim. The next one has us off the floor but with a Christmas background that I can't say I love. I did have to buy a copy as I think it is an incredible study in the power of DNA. Could Morrigan look more like me and Maggie like her Dad? (And Mags also looks like she is on drugs. This seems to be her new posed picture look. You'll see it again in the others.)

Then a couple of the kids together:

You thought I was kidding about the flying high look but I totally wasn't. 

Last, some individuals:

With a full house and all the kids home, I may be offline for a few days so let me wish you all a Merry Christmas a few days in advance. I hope your travels are safe and your days are full of love and holiday cheer!

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