Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up

I love Christmas - cards, present shopping, cooking, parties. But inevitably, all the planning and work leads up to the Big Day and then it is past, leaving you with some serious pick up and cleaning and 364 days until next year's celebration. The good news here is that our holiday totally lived up to the hype and was worth the clean up, which is done - thanks for the help Tim, and we had an excellent time.

Tim's Mom & Dad flew up from Florida a few days before Christmas. Nancy & I did some shopping for the kids and everyone, it seemed, got to make just one last trip to the grocery. 

We had fantastic weather the whole time they were here, high 50's, unless you asked my kids who missed the snow terribly and threatened to move north. Empty threats - they wouldn't survive a real winter. The balmy conditions allowed us to get out and about. We discovered many things are closed on Christmas Eve downtown.

But we had plenty of fun at home anyway.

That night we went to Ann & Hans' for their extended family get together. This new tradition is perfect. Just when you've been cooped up long enough, you get out and have a whole new group of people with whom to talk!

When we arrived home, we made the kids promise not to get up before sunrise and put out all the presents from Santa, who has a nebulous foothold here. We were ready!

As you can see in the pictures of the carnage from the next morning, we should have clarified the sun had to be all the way up.

Eion was tremulous with excitement. We thought he was cold but he said, "I am just too excited for Christmas!"

We seem to have escaped with no major disappointments. It was a blur of lego, clothes, Angry Birds, Robert Pattinson posters, books and assorted Star Wars merchandise.

We had some surprises as well. Maggie got a pair of highly prized Uggs. That she loved them was no surprise. That they fit me was! If the girls outgrow them before they wear them out, I could soon be the recipient of some gently used Uggs. I need to start shoe shopping in the kids' section.

We also found out, sadly, that the much ballyhooed Dippin Dots maker did not include even one mix with which to make said dots. While the fine print on the package did say this, we had not realized that fun was not included. But this disappointment was taken in stride and generally drown out by the glory of Christmas.

That night, we went to an annual Christmas party - always a perfect way to close out the day.

Boxing Day was spent looking for Dots mix, unsuccessfully, and hanging out with family and friends, successfully. Tim is back to work, his parents are back in Florida and the house looks a little stark without all the Christmas gear but it was a great ride this year!

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