Thursday, December 8, 2011

Me and the E

Eion and I have, I mean get, to spend an awful lot of time together these days. A lot. And certainly, there are days when I think I might gouge my eyes out if I hear one more sentence that starts with "Mom..." [Or better yet, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!"] But overall, he's been a champ.

When it comes to getting his learn on, things are going swimmingly. Reading and math are chugging right along and we have finished the Virginia science and social studies SOL topics for 1st grade in their entirety. That has E especially stoked as we are now free to move on to explore anything we want. First stop: outer space!

But what may have been an even bigger part of his problems in the 1st grade was a simple lack of maturity. On that front, I'm hoping we're making some progress too. He wants to be my little assistant all the time. Just yesterday, we had to drop off a (postage already attached) package at the FedEx store. He insisted on taking it in alone. I could see him through the glass while I waited in the car. While everything shiny seemed to distract him, he eventually made it to the counter, successfully delivered the box, and returned triumphant with a receipt.

At our next stop, we needed to pick up some shredded cheese (home made pizza for dinner!) We were just at our local little (beloved) grocer, Tinnell's, and I knew E couldn't reach where the cheese was and I was unconvinced he would select the right cheese. We went in together and I had just picked up the mozzarella when Eion sprang into action. "Mama, give me the cheese and I can buy it while you wait in the car." Seeing as we have a charge account there (one of the many reasons for the beloved status) I figured he could handle it. I waited outside until E completed the transaction and joined me.

Not every day is like that but I keep hoping these incidents are signs of maturity to come. For so long he had no interest at all in being anything other than a baby. And in spite of the fact that he did request payment for his services, I'm going to call it improvement!

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