Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My 40th Birthday Weekend

I would have totally posted this sooner but fell victim to a nasty stomach bug Sunday night which had both myself and Tim bedridden yesterday (and in his case, most of today.) Now there was some free range parenting. As I lay in bed, praying for death, wondering how it could possibly be that my skin hurt, Eion was off on his own, existing entirely on leftover cokes and his gingerbread house. Makes a Mom proud. But they lived and I lived. Sorry for the delay.....

Friday night, we went over to friends Christy and Andrew's to decorate gingerbread houses. Did more candy end up in mouths than on houses? Probably. But fun was had by all.

[Aside: E's hair is starting to look like he is the boy in The Shining again. Need to get on that.]

Saturday morning (read: my 40th birthday) was the Santa brunch at the Club. Thought we may have outgrown it and could skip it but found out otherwise when howls of distress came up from the wee ones here. You see, we were having this little shindig that night and I had plenty to do, but that was not swaying even one child. So off we went.

Now that it is all said and done, I'm happy we went. One of these days, they will outgrow it and the complaints will be mine. That being said, we did need to get home to prepare for THE PARTY.

Our Cocktail Club had a three month stretch where no one wanted to host except us. We originally planned to have our party in October but the kitchen remodel left us exhausted and needing a break. As we considered other dates, we settled on my birthday but I didn't really want to advertise it that way. Bill it as a cocktail party and anyone who knew, that was fine. Mostly I didn't want to have people feeling obligated to bring me stuff. 

We made up the invite list and were in a rather expansive mood. While we wanted each and every invitee to attend, it was the second week of December. There had to be conflicts, and lots of them, right? 

Wrong. That would be 116 confirmed merry-makers. We had some prep work on our hands.

In the end, all but six of those people showed up. But there are worse problems to have. You could plan a huge party on your 40th birthday and no one shows up. Not to mention, we loved it. Kirsten took over my normal position as team photographer and left me with tons of great pictures, but you only need a few to see there were smiles abound.

(Just look at that Tim wearing his holiday pants I love so much!)

Facebook had clued a whole lot of people in to the birthday part of the day but other than the idea that this meant I should do shots, that was ok too.

I am not sure the evening could have gone by faster. It was a blast. It's been a while too since we threw a party and heard, "Wow, I haven't been to a party like this since college." which, whether they meant it that way or not, I am taking a high praise. One party guest told me they could hear the house "thrumming" from the street. We had fun. To top it all off, we had successfully farmed out all three kids for the night. (Thank you, thank you for that very special gift, friends!)

The next day, it was massive clean up, sadly starting at 7:30. I seem unable to sleep in. Then Maggie and I were off to a Mother Daughter tea.

This may indeed be the only moment these girls 
strayed from the chocolate fountain.

Last stop: Super Supper Club!

Not surprisingly, it was an early night - we had all been up past our bedtimes the night before. Best anyway since I ended up later ill with the sickness that postponed this post. But even given falling prey to a virus, it was just about the best birthday weekend for which a girl, or according to my kids, an old woman, could hope.

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  1. For an old lady you sure keep up an exhaustive schedule! :)

    Love the photos... just wish my MPM didn't appear vaguely pained. Of course, it's hard not to get outshone by the wattage of Heerens (x2) smiles!