Saturday, January 21, 2012

Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Or perhaps not. I have been informed in two separate conversations this week (by my BFF and MIL) that my radio silence was wholly unacceptable. They were sick of checking in and finding nothing so if I was going to be so infrequent a poster, could I just let them know when I do post so they don't have to waste their time checking in at my much neglected blog. And they wanted to make sure I was doing ok too.

Fine we are. Boring, but fine. One of the things I love about writing in this medium is that I can blather on endlessly when the mood suits me and can, similarly, say nothing when I feel there is nothing to say.  While it may not seem so, I had your best interests at heart. The highlight of the week was the installation of our water softener. House of excitement, we are not these days.

It's been a bit of a grind since the new year too. Intellectually, I know homeschooling is 100% the right decision for Eion. He is happy, learning more, gaining confidence, and meeting with success. He proudly tells everyone that he is home schooled. Emotionally, it can be a lonely, draining process. There are no days off. And everything takes a back burner to Eion. Lunch dates, tennis, walks with Tim, seeing friends - everything.

A week ago, I had just about had it. I was ready to pony up for private school - something had to give. Then, as if by devine providence, at Eion's soccer game, I started talking to Dustin. We had met before but I hadn't realized she was homeschooling her 1st grade daughter. As a veteran homeschooler, she was setting up a Meet In group to help homeschool families connect and plan activities together.

It was just the right amount of light at the end of the tunnel to make me think I could keep going.

Eion and I went to our first event on Friday, the Geography Club, where the location of the month was Iceland.

There were presentations by both kids and parents. Seeing as volcanoes figure prominently in Icelandic life, there were several volcanic demonstrations as well. They were real crowd pleasers.

The whole thing was topped off with a potluck lunch of Icelandic cuisine which was, um, interesting. Fish and cabbage delights aside, it was an unmitigated success. Eion thought it was all great fun and was excited about all his new friends. I had some very sympathetic ears who, to one degree or another, had all been through exactly what I was experiencing. While the backgrounds of the participants was far more varied than my normal neighborhood (read: bubble) encounters, they seem a group with which I can hang. When Russia was chosen as next month's country, the Moms immediately commented that no good Russian potluck was complete without vodka (for the adults only, of course.) 

Upcoming outings include a field trip to Dixie Caverns and an owl pellet dissection that has Eion REALLY excited, much more than I am.

I'm working on making sure there is enough balance in my life so I don't lose it in the meantime. And enjoying my very exciting water softener.

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