Thursday, January 5, 2012


You know, as I was trying to compose this post in my head, I kicked around a couple of titles. In the end, it was clear that I am going to be so all over the place that a singular heading would be misleading. On with the sub heads.

Under Pressure

After himming and hawing for possibly forever, Tim finally went out and bought himself one of these:

What in the hell is it other than a way to shell out $400? It is a sous vide cooker also known as, but not quite as fancy sounding, a water oven. Admittedly, I was less than impressed. We had an oven, for one, and I am not not a big gadget in the kitchen person. 

When Tim brought it home, I told him this made the possibility of buying a shotgun more remote. Which, in an odd way, made him happy. At least I wasn't shotgun-buying mad at him for gadgetry purchases.

After three nights of sous vide meals, I have to say I am sold. Basically, you put food into vacuum sealed pouches and place them in the water. Then you pick the temperature you want the food (think 125 for rare meat) and then you leave it. Once it is up to temp, you can leave it there for hours and it won't over cook. Beef needs a nice sear when it comes out but otherwise, you can have dinner ready hours in advance. 

My bad baby, seems like this wasn't a crazy purchase.

Geaux Blue!

Having attended the University of Michigan but self transplanted to the south, college football is rarely relevant to my life here. UofM doesn't play teams in this conference and isn't oft televised. While I wish no ill for the local Virginia teams, they are all pretty much the same to me. I bear no allegiance.

Then came the Sugar Bowl 2012 - UofM vs. Virginia Tech. The first time these football teams have ever played each other.

Being 45 minutes from Blacksburg and in a Tech heavy town, we have tons of friends who do care a great deal about college football, VATech in particular! My Facebook feed was equally divided between the Wolverines, from all my college and Northern friends,  and the Hokies, from all my Tech and Southern friends.

And predictably, the aftermath was equally divided with celebration from the North and cries of bad call from the South. 

Despite not watching the game, even if we had cable, I wouldn't have stayed up until midnight, it was kind of fun to be part of a rivalry again, if only for a few days.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

One of Eion's very favorite Christmas gifts is his Stormtrooper alarm clock.

And since some genius taught him to tell time, he set it to wake up nice and early. One of the nicest things about homeschooling him was that he generally slept through the girls eating breakfast and getting ready for school. Love him, but the morning was smoother without him. No more! He excitedly hits his trooper on the head to turn off the alarm and is the first child at breakfast. 

Game On!

A few weeks ago, Amy suggested I call into some NPR show I had never heard of, sorry, on at the same time as Rush, as their topic of the day was where were the Herman Cain supporters going after he  dropped out of the race. At that time I told her, sadly, how I felt that, AGAIN, the Republicans would foist some squishy moderate on us (see John McCain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich) and I would have to hold my nose to vote. All the people I liked were toiling away in the single digits. 

But look at Iowa. One of those guys I have liked all along, who never seemed to have a chance, just pulled off a huge upset. Rick Santorum may not have won, but coming from sub 10% to within 0.1% of the front runner is something! 

Can he go the distance? He is way behind in fundraising and is a social conservative, making him hated by the Republican Establishment, but if he makes it onto the Virginia ballot, he's got my vote.

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