Friday, January 6, 2012

From The Bookshelf

Morrigan is a voracious reader. She devours books and reads far above her age level. While this is wonderful, it can also be problematic as keeping her supplied with kids books edges us towards bankruptcy and adult books are often thematically inappropriate for her. We've struggled a bit.

So two days ago, she was regaling us with all of her knowledge of ancient Egypt and telling us how very much she liked history. And I thought, she always wants to read adult books, I have one for her to try.

Me: I think Morrigan is ready to read Mayflower
Tim: Hmmm, [faining doubt] I don't know. It might be too hard for her.
Morrigan: I know I can read it. I can read anything!
Me: Let's let her try.
Morrigan: Yes, yes! 
Tim: Hmmm.
Morrigan: I'll bet you a donut I can read it.

And then it was on. With her father, tongue in cheek, betting that she could not read it, Morrigan embarked on this journey:

Tim and I both read this a few years back. And while factually fascinating, it is also densely written and (sorry Mr. Philbrick, who I met and is a really nice guy) a bit of a slog. We had no doubts that Morrigan had the ability to read it, but thought that the dry historical nature might cause her to derail.

Never doubt the power of the donut.

She killed it in 24 hours. And seemed to genuinely like it too. Looks like, after we visit Uptown Joe's for a donut tomorrow, I need to find some more non fiction for the gal.

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  1. Heavens! I am quite sure I could never finish that book. That takes some focus. Has she read the Penderwicks yet? I just adore those books--kind of a modern spin on Alcott's Little Women