Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Maggie: The Star Student

Maggie's class has a "star student" each week. The selected child get to bring in pictures, their favorite items and books and generally be fawned over for the week. Maggie has been early anticipating this moment all year. This week, she is The One.

In addition to what the kids bring in themselves, Thursday, parents are supposed to send in a video and/or letter. Here goes mine...

Maggie, we know y'all call her Margaret but she will always be Maggie to us, was born in September 2003. She was, quite possibly, the sweetest baby ever. Not that we found out for a few months - she slept, slept, and slept. She napped through parties, car rides and family pictures. We thought she might never wake up!

When she did wake up, she smiled all the time and was an exceptionally happy baby. She was also LOUD! All those pictures with her mouth open? She was yelling at full tilt.

Mags went about everything with a positive attitude. As she grew older, the family adopted a saying. When someone was really happy, they were "Maggie happy."

She has always been incredibly self reliant and grown up. It might be because her little brother, Eion, you know him as that guy always tagging along with me at your school parties, was born when she was only 16 months old. She had to be a big sister early. Either that or she was just trying to keep up with her sister Morrigan. Even though Morrigan was two years older, Maggie seemed to think that since they were about the same height, she should be able to do everything her sister did. 

Whatever the cause, Maggie was always mature girl. She went to sleep away camp for a week when she was only six. we were worried but she was fearless. And opted to go back the following Summer too. 

Maggie lives with joy. Whether she is swimming, doing Tae Kwon Do, playing piano or running to the other room, she has a joie de vivre that is unmatched. She is truly the sunshine in our lives. We are lucky to have her and we love her very much! 

Love, Mom & Dad

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