Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Baby Turns Seven

But you won't hear me say it seems like yesterday! Therein were a few grueling years. But hey, we made it out the other side and yesterday, Eion turned seven. Tim was working on the big day, so we had a party at a local inflatables place Thursday. 

The reviews, they are mixed. We had a few breakdowns during the party and there were a few complaints about my anti-goody bags stance, mind you not by the parents, but overall, the kids had fun. Most of my pictures ended up blurry since the kids never stopped moving.

Yesterday, we set him loose at Target with his birthday money. He wandered the lego aisle, wide eyed, the world his oyster. He settled on the police station, so precious it had an extra security device on it. The realization that he had enough left over to look at video games too was VERY exciting. But he bought a Wii controller instead so he and his sisters could all play Mario Kart at the same time.

Eion - thrilled to death. Me? Well, I got to play Mario Kart, which seems not to be my strong suit. I was informed I would go much faster if I stopped running into everything. And a large, many piece lego has taken up residence on my dining room table, mere weeks after we finally banished the Diagon Alley lego. Oh well.

That night we watched Eion's choice of movie, Return of the Jedi, and had a big bowl of popcorn. He curled up on my lap and told me it was the best birthday ever. I told him now he could stop getting older. He said that no matter how old he got, he wanted to stay with me forever.

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