Sunday, January 22, 2012


While very very fun, let me tell you about how staying out until past 1am at Ann & Hans' did not make me an especially productive member of society today. What I did do, while cleaning and folding laundry (and OK occasionally laying on the sofa,) was listen to a huge chunk of the Steve Jobs biography. Tim subscribed to an Audible account and while I am still partial to reading myself, once the audio books are purchased and available, it seems silly not to take advantage of them.

Before we go into my pseudo book review, a few notices and disclaimers:

1) I am a complete Apple fanboy. I'm typing this post on an iMac. We have a macbook, iPad, two iPhones and a half dozen iPods.

2) This post may contain spoilers, kind of, but not really.

Alright, with that out of the way...the book is a great read. And in many ways, quite brutal. The author seems dedicated to getting as close to the truth as possible, even when that truth is unflattering to Jobs. Not to mention, it is kind of tough to realize that many of the electronics you love so much were created by someone who seems to have been, sorry to say, a dick most of the time. As I was listening, I kept thinking, well now he is going to start being better. Now that he's reconnected with his daughter/found his birth mother/been fired/gone back to Apple/had cancer he will be a more sympathetic character. But no, he remains prickly until the end. That being said, excellent read and highly recommended.

Seeing as Tim is largely in control of the Audible account, next on the docket is the biography of Keith Richards. Yippee!


  1. Agree with your observation. He was a brilliant person at work but not so much at home. Only wish that Mac/iPad would be more open to MS products (such as : IE, Excel).

  2. Fun times! Sean didn't lever himself up off the couch until, oh, 3:30 or so.

    If I buy any Apple products I lose my full-time on-call tech support... my brother, the open-source evangelist. But I hear they are very trick.

  3. Rob just finished reading it (he received it for Christmas). He said it makes Jobs look like a real "jack-ass". He now thinks Jobs was a "total lunatic". I may pick it up once I finish this pile I have stacked up, one of which is about dog training. I need to get on that pronto as we bring a puppy home on Thursday.