Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

When Maggie's Daisy troop disbanded, which was, in all honesty, my fault, as I refused to wade through the mountains of bureaucracy alone to be the sole troop leader, she was left to watch as her sister's troop continued on. She dealt with it pretty well. Even this year, she would happily go out into the cold with her sister, knocking on doors to sell and deliver cookies, all for her sister's benefit.

But she really wanted back in.

While I knew we could be assigned to a troop, I didn't want to enter a situation of complete unknowns, especially if said unknowns were all the way across town. So told Mags to find a friend in a troop and see if they would accept new Girl Scouts. She did and a week later, she was a proud member of a Raleigh Court troop.

One of the first badges they worked on after Maggie joined them was the "House Elf" badge, which asked them to come up with different ways to recycle, save water and electricity each day of the week. She faithfully filled out her log, mostly with things we already do around the house: water plants with leftover drinking water, only run very full dishwashers, reuse the outer bags from store bought bread. I think she was the most pleased that she was the only one who listed composting and was able to introduce the concept to many of the girls. Then we got in our very green Suburban and drove home (ha ha, you know it is kind of funny.)

She received two patches for her (at this point nonexistent) Brownie vest. Since her group fell apart, she aged up from Daisies to Brownies, naturally requiring a new set of gear, and patches, and all sorts of delights for sale in the GS store. As we drove home, I asked, albeit reluctantly, if she wanted a vest considering they were supposed to wear them to their cookie sales booth this weekend. [Come see us at Lowes on 220 South from 11-1 on Saturday!] She paused, thought about it and said, "Don't I move up another level in a few months?" Yes, I said, the 4th graders are something else (which I can't remember) but I know they wear green. "Then I don't need one. I'll just recycle and wear Morrigan's old one."

I don't think I can adequately express in words the joy that type of practicality and frugality brings me.

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