Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet My Daughter, Katniss

These days, finding things that make my eldest happy can be challenging. A great many things are boring while so many others are babyish and the remaining are so embarrassing. The only things that seem to fall outside these colorful descriptions are 1) reading in bed and 2) watching tv. I, and Tim to a much greater degree, find this maddening.

So it was with great joy and much enthusiasm that we greeted Morrigan's declaration that she wanted to learn to shoot a bow and arrow. (No doubt inspired by Katniss of The Hunger Games.) Maggie was at a birthday party so we headed out to Gander Mountain for some weapons shopping. Yeehaw!

Morrigan was excited and Eion, well, he was beyond psyched about all the possibilities. Exactly how many guns and bows and arrows would we purchase? Hopes were high.

They migrated with ease to the hunting section and looked oddly at home.

While the checkout weaponry count was too low for Eion, we did get a bow and arrow set and a target. It has been way to cold for using it, but the first day we have some reasonable weather, Morrigan is out there!

In unrelated and I am sure fascinating news.....

This was updated:

Need some detail?

Woohoo! B Doubles Club Champions. Maybe it will take the sting out of losing our last two ladder matches in tie breaks. But probably not.

And all those kittens? Removing food has done nothing for our migrant cat population. Just this morning, sunning themselves on the deck:

Perhaps we will just become the Hemingway House of Roanoke.

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