Thursday, February 9, 2012

So Here We Are

You know, I had high hopes of writing this week. I actually was coming up with topics and plans for a separate, and very rant-y blog. Maybe I should not aim quite so high and just endeavor to post more than once weekly. But we're all here now so let's go over the week.

I've been feeling like crap, which is most directly related to my lack of writing. Eion has been the beneficiary of more than one "homeschool from bed" session. He digs it and wants all learning to be bed focused. Sadly for him, I am on the mend.

He and Maggie both tested for their green Tae Kwon Do belts this week. Eion was a bit shaky, but Maggie, that sweet thing, worked with him at home to make sure he was ready.

They call if your kid fails and I haven't received a call so we'll assume they are moving up! This was the first time they had to spar at testing. Maggie was looking to take some boys down!

Apparently, many kids quit at this level because the pressure of hand to hand combat is too much. Not so for my wee ones. They are likes-to-fight kids.

In unrelated news, we had a couple of those wretched parenting moments this week. First off, there is Morrigan - on the cusp of middle school and all the drama and awkwardness that awaits. She was tearful tonight and feeling as if she has no friends. Does she? You know, I'm not really sure. She's always operated in her own "Morrigan World" and seemed so happy there. Only just now she's realized that maybe she wants some others to come along. You know, I did what I could. I told her about how her Mom was unable to find a senior prom date and had to import her best friend's brother from college to escort me (true story.) How, even now, I am really and truly, her highness queen of the dorks. And how my life has turned out pretty awesome in spite of it all. She didn't buy it, in spite of its factual accuracy, and I know I have so little control over the roller coaster that is waiting for us. Help me sweet baby Jesus.

Then there is E. One day this week I, smartly, recognized that we were getting exactly nowhere at homeschool and we needed a break. Off to the gym it was, where I ran into the wife of one of Tim's co-workers. We got to talking about Eion, the homeschooling, the complete ADD the child has. I told her how  I was loathe to medicate him. She responded by recommending I take a second look at meds. For her son, she said, they put it off so long. But when they did add medical intervention, HE was so much happier.


I has always eschewed drugs because I assumed they were for my, and society as a whole's, benefit. Meds were to keep these out of control little effers tolerable, right? I had never, not once, thought that they would make Eion's life better. And you know, they might.

Would he be happier if when he was supposed to get dressed, he was able to stay on track and do so, rather than end up half-clad and playing with legos, only to get yelled at for not getting dressed in the generous amount of time offered? Would he be able to spend more time doing other things if he could read more than one line at a time without his mind wandering?

I don't know.

We have an appointment to talk with our Pediatrician. They gave me a form to fill out that, based on some very honest answers, paints a very ADD picture. It was almost comical, albeit in a heartbreaking way, how stereotypically he seemed to fit the diagnosis. 

Will we medicate, something I said, and believed, we would never do? Wish I could tell you. Whatever we do, I hope we get it right for the little guy.

And so there we are.

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  1. Meds can really work for some children, but they also have side effects. If you don't already do so, may I recommend getting him off all sugar and red dye #2? It's so hard because red dye is in everything packaged for children--snacks, yogurts, juices . . .