Saturday, February 25, 2012

Speed Racer

When Eion initially said that I was the only person he wanted to invite to his birthday party, we knew we needed some time with his peers. So we joined Boy Scouts, or Cub Scouts or whatever the hell he is right now. Today was his very first Pinewood Derby.

Eion, being Eion, refused any and all assistance in the prep of his car. The result, a very box-like car, complete with friction adding paint on the wheels.

Things were looking bad for us. Tim helped add some pennies, for weight, and graphite at the last minute but hopes were not high.

The entries varied as far as parental involvement but I was pleasantly surprised at how many seemed to have had actual input from the kids rather than just woodworking trophies made by their fathers. 

Eion's first race was a loss and he was devastated. He skulked about in the hallway for probably a half hour and it seemed he would never bounce back. We gave some comfort but told him he had to buck up. After all, half the people there lost right off the bat and everyone, except one person, would lose in the end.

Fortunately, he rallied. It was double elimination so he had a shot in the runner-up bracket. Surprise to all in attendance, he won!

And as no one was as heartbroken in defeat, no child was as enthusiastic in victory.

The next heat knocked him out but he dealt with the loss much better this time. We got a little bit of everything on today's emotional roller coaster. E seems to have walked away less concerned with improving his speed for next year as having a better looking car. Image, I suppose, is everything.

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