Monday, February 20, 2012

The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat, and SNOW!

The Chili Cookoff

Despite my plans to craft a chili sure to win, I spent the year preparing not at all. So Saturday afternoon, Tim and I began our cooking adventure. We started with  eye of round, cooked in the sous vide. Then we cubed and seared the beef and added a variety of roasted peppers. We tasted and added everything from tomatoes, to carrots and finally chocolate. In the end, we had what we thought was a easy chili that we could never again replicate.

Upon arrival, we figured we had a product that would not embarrass us but had no real hopes of winning. Having searched in vain for an appropriate name, we laughed and titled it "Mmm...Kittens Are Delicious!" But as the tasting commenced, we noticed Kittens was having a very favorable reaction and our hopes were raised.

Raised only to be dashed as we came in 2nd place. We didn't make the plaque. But considering our expectations at the outset, we were pretty pleased.

Snow Day!

After a snowless winter, the kids' prayers were finally answered with a forecast predicting 4-12 inches of snow. As the flakes began to fall, Eion got completely suited up and waited at the back door, ready to get into the thick of things the minute the accumulation warranted it. They were not disappointed.

They played in the snow, warmed up and then would go back for more all day. 

Our across the street neighbors brought their girls and came over for pizza for what we thought, was the end of the day. While we were eating, the snow kept falling and getting thicker on the ground.

After they returned home, I got a message: We're doing shooters and having a luge contest down the driveway!

How do you pass that up? So it was out of pjs and back into the snow clothes. Maggie and E were in bed so Morrigan accompanied us for the last sledding session of the day.

And the best part of all is that the temps are forecasted to reach 65 this week so it will all melt quickly. Just the right kind of snow day for me.

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  1. me too! Sounds like you all had a blast. I hate snow and cold weather, so am glad it was short lived.