Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Super Tuesday In Virginia, Sort Of

Super Tuesday in Virginia kind of lacks the excitement of other states. Two of the remaining GOP candidates, Gingrich and Santorum, failed to meet the requirements and aren't on the ballot. So we've for Romney, for whom I can muster no enthusiasm, and Ron Paul, who I actually love but find unelectable. For the very first time since I turned 18, I considered not bothering. As I drove home from tennis, I thought, why go? Romney is going to win Virginia, and probably the nomination. Even if he wins Virginia, Ron Paul will get shut down by the GOP Establishment. 

But then I thought about how lucky we are to be in a country where we CAN vote. People all over the world would, and do, fight and die for that right. Even in countries with elections, women are still shut out from too many of them. So I drove myself down to the fire station and threw away my vote. You are welcome Congressman Paul. 

And E and I are rockin' out sweater vests for Santorum, even if I can't vote for him.

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