Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Say No

Friday Eion had his ADD/ADHD evaluation. And by evaluation, I mean the doctor, who has known E his whole life, pretty much opened with the statement that he figured we would have this conversation sooner or later. His doctor, like anyone who has spent any time at all with E, could see the rampant ADD in E that we all enjoy. But we were there to talk about whether medicating would improve his quality of life.

The short is, no, not at this time.

The long is that we talked about how Eion was from day to day. Was he happy? Was he learning? The answers to both those questions were yes. Our Doc said that, if it was something we could handle, the homeschooling was great environmental management of ADD. As long as he is a sunny, achieving spaz, [my word, naturally] spaz was ok. We agreed to revisit if the situation changed. Eion high-fived the doctor and we headed home.

Seeing as I have never been big into medication, I'm happy. There was that itty bitty part of me deep down that would have loved a quick fix, but my sometimes too practical self knew it probably didn't exist.

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