Saturday, April 21, 2012

And We Will Cheer Bravely

Sheesh this week bit. Eion was like a one man wrecking ball. Coming back from spring break was a little rougher than anticipated. I apparently had suppressed memories from the post Christmas break era. But we made it and next week has to be better, right?

Today was the Blue Ridge Marathon, billed as the nation's toughest road race. It involves running up and down a couple of mountains. With my back injury, there was no way I could run it this year but let's all be honest, there's really no way I would ever run it. I keep toying with the idea of doing the half, which is also a fairly brutal course, but I end up doing what I did today instead, cheering for runners.

Our friend, Andrew, was running the full marathon so we invited ourselves over to cheer with his family. The marathon conveniently came right past his house.

Go Andrew!!!

The kids handed out orange slices and we clapped for all the runners as they came past. Their son, Jack, had made an inspirational playlist and we rocked out to Eye of the Tiger, Rocky, and Rock You Like a Hurricane. It was a beautiful, fun morning. While they were impressive all, I can't say I'm signing up next year. But who knows. Maybe once I am fully healed and functional again, I will be so grateful that I will make it a goal. Or I'll just practice clapping and cheering.

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