Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter of Mediocrity

I think it was mostly/entirely my fault that Easter seemed to lack the joy of previous Easters. Or maybe we're just outgrowing the egg hunt.

I found myself, two days before the Big Day, lacking any contents for my children's Easter baskets. Which was remedied with a quick trip to Kmart where I bought some Angry Birds themed gummies, chocolate bunnies and either earrings and bracelets or Lego, depending on your gender. I completely forgot any sort of decorative filling. These were indeed the weakest baskets ever assembled. If I didn't already know it, all the Martha Stewart-worthy ones posted for my viewing on the facebook confirmed. Luckily for all of us, my kids either were happy or faked it well. Might just be the effect of chocolate bunnies for breakfast.

We naturally went to the Club's egg hunt and they gathered their requisite one basket of eggs.

Look at Eion's lettuce fly.

The girls and I compromised on these dresses rather 
than the Vegas specials they originally chose.

I love Eion's rig. He looks very Thurston Howell-esque

When we were done, there was a contingent headed for the Fire Station for another hunt but we figured we had checked the hunt box. Besides, they were anxious to get back home and commence the sugar high.

Easter snuck up on me this year and I additionally had very little enthusiasm for it. I didn't even get out my limited decorations. As I am feeling better by the day, I have to lay some of the blame on pain. I really have a newfound sympathy for those in chronic pain - it makes you very unhappy. Hopefully, my half-ass Easter efforts didn't permanent;y scar the wee ones.

And on an uber-positive front, I am doing really, really well. I am a star PT patient, doing all my exercises for the max reps at least once a day, usually twice. My therapist says she's never had such a compliant patient. She clearly never had someone determined not to miss her tennis season. Even better, I am happier by a measure of light years. Which has to make the rest of the household happy too.

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