Monday, April 30, 2012

Girls Night (Sort Of)

With renovations in the fall and the Great Homeschooling Experiment, I've had to leave my normal level of organization behind and find myself settling for just-in-time parenting. Looking out over weeks of upcoming assignments and deadlines was, in a very first world way, becoming overwhelming. Instead, I transitioned to JIT where I worry about what was coming my way for a week, at most.

This change has allowed me to survive, but thrive, not as much. Case in point, it was just this Thursday when I realized Tim and Eion would be gone all day Saturday and overnight for a campout, a situation crying out for something special to be done with the girls. When made aware of our situation, the girls cried out in unison, "Girls' Night!" To which I immediately had to throw cold water on their enthusiasm and let them know it was going to have to be "girls' day" since I had a not-to-be-missed cocktail party that night.

We were off to a banner start.

We lit off for downtown. We were going to go to lunch in the recently re-opened Market Building and then shop in the outdoor market. In theory. In reality, the heavens opened up and rained down on us. Coupled with a distinct lack of parking and umbrellas, we opted to course correct.

Next stop, the mall. Uggg.

As with any mall, it is surrounded by chain restaurants of every variety. None of which, it seemed, were right for girls' day. Nope, my girls' choice was Chik-fil-A. So fried food it was. After finishing our fries and nuggets (really, what says special day with Mom like fried food?) they chose the next stop, Bath and Body Works.

OMG Kill me now.

There are few stores I hate more. The smell induces an immediate headache and I find everything contained therein to be firmly in the category of Things I Will Never Need. Alternately, my daughters love it. So I popped some preemptive motrin and followed them in.

After we were there for what felt like hours, a savior came in the form of Ann. We had toyed with the idea of seeing Titanic for girls' day but Tim, smartly, pointed out, "Didn't you give that movie as a gift to Ann? Wouldn't it be cheaper to watch that at home?"Ann was now returning my call with an invitation to watch it at her house. Hallelujah! The girls were on board and I was free of the mall and all its trappings.

When we arrived, she found the dvd, still in its shrink wrap after five years, and we saddled up for the epic tale. I was the only one there who had seen it before. And I have to tell you, I LOVE that movie. It is about as out of character as it gets but I do. Maybe it is that it came out when I was just two years married and was vulnerable to that romantic I'd-rather-die-than-be-without-you. Can't say for sure but I do still, fifteen years later, cry every time I see it. Embarrassing, but true.

The reactions were varied - Ann was underwhelmed, he boys bailed about halfway through and my girls liked it. But more entertaining to me was the interaction of the kids and their reaction to the movie. Maggie and Luke were next to each other on the sofa and insisted on maintaining a good six inches between them. Our assertions that they were essentially siblings seemed to matter naught.

Titanic is a PG-13 movie and I had readied the crew for the fact that we would be viewing...a boob. The appearance of said boob elicited groans and "eww yucks" from boys and girls alike. The girls, upon being told, "You know you're going to have those soon enough" simply replied they were never going to look in the mirror.

After the movie was over, we had to hightail it to a birthday party Mags was attending, in effect ending girls' day. Maybe it wasn't exactly what we envisioned, but it turned out to be a pretty good day. And we have new, smelly hand sanitizer to boot.

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