Friday, April 27, 2012

The Week In Review Part One

I'm not even going to apologize for my dearth of posts. Sometimes I think I should just announce that posts will only be specific days to save people the trouble of stopping by - but that's what following is for eh? Anyhoo, we'll try to catch up in what will be, theoretically, a series of posts but will likely be this one and then I'll get distracted for a week or so.

The kids tested last week for their senior green belts, which, I learned, means we get to pay a testing fee and they get a green belt - with a black stripe through it - and they continue with the same form. Some kind of scam they are running here I tell you. We were a bit concerned that Eion was not going to make it through this time. Maggie's group presented their form once and were excused, which is a good sign. Eion's group, wellll, they were asked to do their form three times (not a good sign) and E seemed out of phase the entire time. I was concerned as I have a vested interest in keeping them at the same level so they can attend the same classes. Not to mention the instructor said there were three students who "no changed."

But fortunately for our schedule, and unfortunately for Maggie who aspired to be ahead of her brother and thus earn the title of sensei, we are the proud parents of two senior green belts. Further on the good news/bad news front, we found out that the TKD tournament in Richmond this summer is a weekend we can go and we found out in time to request the time off for Tim. It will be our first time at such an event. You'll all be debriefed accordingly when the time comes.

In other sporting news, my physical therapy is going swimmingly. While I am not 100%, we're on the right track here and feeling better every day. I've played tennis the past two weeks and after yesterday, really didn't hurt at all. My partner and I won our matches the past two weeks as well. She had to carry me a bit last week on court three but this week, I was back in full chase-every-ball-down form and we won court one. I almost took Mary out running after a ball that she assumed hurt me couldn't get. We lost the point but she quipped, "Hey! Your back must be better if you thought you could get that!"

I continue to be humbled by my injury experience. Only in recovery is it apparent how much pain and immobility impacted my mood, outlook and interaction with the world, and none in a positive way. I cannot tell you all how grateful I am to be back in the land of the living. My family is pretty happy to have me back too. They didn't say it, but they didn't much care for the other me.

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