Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Helicopter Parenting

The other day I was killing some time before we got our day started and found a "most viewed" article on Google entitled "Are you a helicopter parent? Take our quiz." Now, we all know that I am not a helicopter parent, right? But just for fun, I took it anyway. Mostly just to see what kind of questions they asked. Some of my answers included:

It is 50 degrees out. What is your child wearing? I have no idea.

When your preschooler goes to an Easter egg hunt you: Talk with the other parents and never notice if the kids have collected eggs or not. [Truthfully, I would have been taking pictures but I do leave the kids to gather on their own.]

But you get the idea. I gave all the responses you'd expect from me. And the verdict?

Helicopter parent.

Beg pardon? Moi?

I was, understandably, quite bent about this. One of my goals in parenting is, and always has been, to be the polar opposite of this style. Later in the day, I was ranting about said quiz to Amy and Fiona, who smartly concurred that yes, that quiz must be fatally flawed. (They saw they deranged look in my eyes. They were unlikely to disagree even if they thought I was wrong.) At which point Kate, overhearing the exchange, chimed in, while laughing heartily, "You're a helicopter parent? What do they want people to do? Have their children raised by wolves?"

And all of a sudden, I felt so much better.

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