Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Back and I'm Fluffy

So I kinda just flew the coop without warning - sorry 'bout that. Over at fraught, it is a post-a-day-May. Me, I'm just going to try and get in enough that y'all might come back once in a while.

Where were we?

Just over a week ago, having gloriously managed to avoid Fun Day, which is never fun as we well know, through a series of well thought out paths routing around Crystal Spring for many days, Tim and I were off to a Kentucky Derby party the night before we high tailed it to the beach. The party was fabulous, as ever, though I doubt the Mint Juleps helped my packing efficiency.

When one uses the bartender as your photographer, one may end up
with some interesting framing.

In spite of my burning desire for a new dress AND hat, I arrived with neither. I almost bought a new hat but was shamed into frugality by Maggie, who reminded me that I already had two hats and did I really need three? This problem will be rectified next year by shopping alone. You are out Mags!

We couldn't be late-stayers this year as my sweet in-laws had already taken the kids to piano recital practice, which inconveniently conflicted with our party schedule. But it was for the best as we needed to pack and prepare for an early morning departure to Bald Head Island!

We were going with two other couples, Ann & Hans and April & Greg. Seeing as we have a Suburban, we volunteered to drive everyone down. Since the island is bikes and golf carts only, who needed three cars waiting in the lot on the mainland? The trip, about six hours, went quickly. It felt like we were on a road trip from the old days, only with better transportation.

Our week that followed was outstanding. I was concerned that a week at the beach without kids might be boring. HA - couldn't have been more wrong. We had daily morning tennis matches.

Followed by poolside lunch,

walks on the beach, naps, reading....

before re-grouping for cocktail hour and sunset watching. 

We joked all week that it was Country Club Island and, as such, had only Country Club problems.  "Ann, you brought my old tennis racquet!" or the even more daunting "We're running low on gin!"

By the end of the week, we had met Ann's goal of daily tennis, I had finished three books and we were all feeling refreshed and relaxed. And just a wee (read: a lot) fluffy. It was high time to head home and go on a serious austerity program, if I planned to fit in my clothes for much longer. It is a hazard of traveling with good cooks.

When we arrived back home, Doug and Nancy had arranged for a shocking surprise, they taught both Morrigan and Eion to ride their bikes without training wheels, a milestone long overdue.

Not to mention, they painted both girls' rooms (with permission, naturally,) the house was clean, the laundry done and dinner ready. You hate to have to come back to reality, but they made it about the best home coming for which I could have hoped. [Much to my friends' dismay, they aren't for hire.]

With SOLs in full swing, more dental appointments than you can shake a stick at, and all the other end of school year fun, it looks like the next few weeks will be a whirlwind. Glad I can tackle it at full charge.

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  1. Country club problems indeed. Not the gin foul!! ;)

    Great photos, and OMG, Doug & Nancy are uh-maze-ing. Cannot believe they accomplished the bike prowess on top of all the rest - they should have their own TV show.