Monday, May 28, 2012

Just When It Couldn't Get Better

We rolled up to the pool Saturday to find a few of these had been installed.

Oh hell to the yeah.

The main shaded area at the pool is close to the baby pool. As a long term resident of that shade, I enjoyed it for many a year. But as the kids got older and moved on to the larger pool, I found the shade less and less hospitable, especially since it increasingly became populated with other small children. And if I had managed to set mine free, I didn't need anyone else's (darling) offspring interrupting my calm.

The deep end of the pool was a fairly sunny place and my blindingly white skin couldn't abide. I had lobbied for new shade erection but had been previously unsuccessful.

But when we walked in and saw these, everything we had hoped for, Eion immediately made a beeline to it and set up shop.

As people arrived, we were greeted with laughter. Apparently during the previous night's cabana construction, (which we missed - tennis called) the consensus was that no one would be more pleased about this addition than Team McK. How right they were. This couldn't have our name on it more unless it literally had our name on it.

It's going to be a great summer.

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