Thursday, May 24, 2012

Really, I Wasn't Being a Bitch on Purpose

And because I know y'all have been waiting with bated breath, I'll now regale you with the outcome of my spring ODTA tennis season.

Last fall we sailed into our last match untouchable. No matter the outcome, we were in first place. This season, notsomuch. Plagued with injury and tragic losses in tie-breaks, we were tied for 3rd with a 6-6 record. Hardly impressive. No matter how we did, there was no way to come in 1st. Pity, as I would have loved a new bag tag. But there were three possible outcomes (not that I thought about it much HA.) 

1) The team in 2nd loses all their matches and we win all ours, moving us to 2nd place. (Best case scenario.)

2) We lose 2 or 3 courts cementing us in 4th. (Worst case scenario.)

3) 2nd place team loses 2 courts and we win 3 putting us in a tie for 2nd place. (Better than option 2.) 

My partner, Mary, and I were on court one. We were off to an outstanding start in the first set - up 4-0. At which point we promptly started tanking, ending up down 5-6, fighting to stay in the set. We made it to tie break and won said tie break, after which we were all exhausted. But we had another set to play. 

We were up, then lost some ground, then rallied to reach a 5-3 lead. This is good. Essentially, they would have to win 4 games in a row to win the set, after which we would have gone to a 10 point tie breaker. The odds were in our favor. 

As our opponents prepared to serve, Eion came out of the tennis shop, generally disrupting play. Feeling we were near the end, I told him, "E, go back inside, we only have one game left." And then promptly realized that what I said in essence was, "We're about to finish these punks off. It won't be long before we crush them." So I (weakly) added, "Or we might lose and have to go to a super tie break." 

I felt like such an asshole.

True to my not-so-polite prediction, we did win after that game (yippie!) and the other two courts won as well, garnering us a second place (tie) finish. 

That will conclude the tennis drama until fall when, sporting new uniforms, Team RCC flight 4 will fight to regain the glory of seasons past and attain the much ballyhooed bag tag.

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