Tuesday, May 22, 2012


"Mom, can we go shopping and get a dress for 5th grade graduation?"

Now, before we even get to shopping, I am sure y'all can guess how I feel about 5th grade graduation. The reward for completing the 5th grade is (or should be) going on to the 6th grade. I fought vehemently to tone down this particular celebration, specifically opposing the medals each child was slated to receive. Landfill fodder I tell you. Maybe, having gone to Catholic school where it was K-8 at one school and then on to high school, I just don't understand the importance of transitioning to middle school.

But as my elementary school music teacher, Mrs. McKenna, told us as she encouraged us to take our 8th grade graduation seriously, "For some of you, this may be the last graduation you ever have." While we'll hope this isn't true for my children specifically, I'll try to keep my mocking of the solemnity of the occasion to a minimum.

Anyway, Morrigan requested a new dress. As I am a sucker for my girls in dresses, she got no argument from me, even keeping in mind the odyssey that was shopping for Easter dresses. Our progress went surprisingly well. I managed to deflect most of the flashier choices stating they were a bit much for daytime. While I may have softened on many things, I remain steadfastly opposed to my daughter looking like a trollop. Countering the protests that one dress made her "look fat" was unexpected but I handled the situation deftly with the retort that one must first BE fat in order to look fat.

In the end, we had it narrowed down to two choices, both of which were fine by me. Choice A:

And choice B:

Morrigan, unable to make the final decision, asked:

Mom, which dress do you like better, A or B?
Me: I like B better.
Morrigan: Well that settles it! I'll get A. Thanks for your help Mom.

Anytime sweetie, anytime.


  1. Oh how I remember the days! Both dresses are adorable!

  2. CSE is calling it a "promotion" instead of a "graduation".

  3. I have learned to say I really like the one I don't in order to get my way. Took me a while though!

    I'm with you on the graduation thing.