Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well That Didn't Go AT ALL as Planned

Today's post was to be a celebration of what I was sure was going to be a great tennis morning.


We had beat this team in the past. We had practiced especially for their slices. We had a strong line-up. We were ready. Or so I thought.

Mary and I lost, in quite an embarrassing fashion, to two ladies we beat not once, but twice (!) last season. I won't even tell you the score. It sucked, for us anyway. Both the other courts lost in tie breaks. With the losses today, we are pretty much assured we won't win out flight. Bummer.

Not to mention, it is all together possible that Eion is now dying of lung cancer.

We were playing at some public outdoor courts. I knew there was a little shelter, complete with bathrooms, that would provide Eion with shade in which to play his ds while I had my arse handed to me. What was unanticipated, however, besides my loss, (can you tell I am bitter?) was that said shelter is also a very popular hangout with smokers of all varieties. The courts are right near the hospital, so you got an occasional Hospital Cop. That was as good as it got. The remainder of the people, well, I don't really know why they came there to smoke. They seemed generally unkempt, but not homeless, and seemed in no hurry to be moving on to any sort of gainful employment. Not that most legitimate jobs encourage their employees to wear Slipknot t-shirts anyway. 

Better yet, when I came up after the match, Eion told me how he had befriended them all and they had shown him lizards AND hornets! Homeschool indeed.

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