Friday, May 18, 2012

Why It Behooves Me To Spend Time At The Kids' School

I had one heck of a rockin Friday night. Tim is working overnights all weekend and I had no other plans sooo I had no good excuse to get out of Movie Night at the girls' school. That and I was the bearer of the popcorn machine and the ring pops. Clearly, the event would have fatally stalled without moi.

Not content to just have my own brood, I picked up Kira, who really is like minus one child on the overall count since she is so very sweet and well behaved, and Rosie, a friend of Maggie's that we somehow didn't realize until this week has lived her entire life within walking distance of our house. [But that is a post for another day.]

Good look E, thanks for ruining the pic. I should crop you out.

The kids ran loose as I commenced to popping corn. Now, at our house, we shun the microwave popcorn and make it from scratch, with coconut oil and butter and kosher salt. It is as close to the Divine as you can get. Tonight, I employed this:

Don't ya dig my 1970's Tupperware measuring cup?

Didn't even look at the ingredient list. I couldn't.

Anyhoo, Gnomeo and Juliet, a movie whose attraction I don't get, rolled on and I found myself chatting with the principal. We discussed the "Blast from the Past" day of the prior week, Spirit Week, designed to get them fired up for the SOLs (don't get me started.) The kids dressed in retro gear from the decade of their choice. Before I went to Bald Head, I helped the girls assemble these fine outfits, from the 70's and 80's respectively.

Maggie had told the entire staff how her outfit came right out of her Mom's closet. You know, I don't think that pic does the boots justice, here's another view.

Yes, gold lame platform boots.

What she did not bother to add is that they were from a costume party I attended. I think the principal was actually in tears as she described Mags telling the teachers how both the shoes and shirt were mine. And you know she spent days practicing in those darn things so she could wear them all day long, no doubt telling anyone who hadn't already heard how her Mom, she of the practical shoes and sundresses, was also owner of flashy platform boots. 

My understanding is I have not heard the last of this.

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  1. I'm sorry to laugh so hard at this, but I cannot help myself. Those boots clearly need to become part of your daily Uniform attire.

    OMG, laughing.

    And thanks for taking Kira along. She reported the entire evening was "awesome" and she had "fun with all of them, AND Eion."