Thursday, May 31, 2012


Goes the week quite literally. We had a lovely Memorial Day with all the expected Club fun. It was really, really packed and it was great to catch up with all my summer peeps.

Victory in the soda dive.

We've (largely) wrapped up homeschool for the summer. It's not like they are doing anything at "real" school anyway. When I picked up Mags today, they were watching The Magic School Bus. Quasi-educational? Yes. A reason to slow down a bit at home? Heck yeah. 

Tim, E, and I did go on a field trip to the 5th grade Science Fair. 

Morrigan had been working on her project since before we went to Bald Head. With the exception of helping her print out a few photos, she completed her entry entirely independently. We couldn't have been more proud of her self reliance. It was pretty clear the other kids had worked without adults too. In a world where parents are over-involved in learning experiences, obsessed with the perfection of their kids' work, often at the expense of the kids doing the work, it was really refreshing.

Maggie, who has been squinting at the board for probably too long, got her new glasses.

Never before in the history of myopic children has there been a little girl as excited as Mags for what is essentially is a negative. Seeing is great and all, but as a many year veteran of glasses and contacts, they do totally suck. Not as much as blindness but realistically, they aren't much fun. She was, however, bubbly and excited. Thrilled we were able to get them the same day and eager to show them off. If only I could bottle that child.

And then there is Eion, who declared he would indeed be on swim team. 

That's him in his "tiny suit" on the far right. Looking cold.

Maggie was already on board but seeing as Eion had 1) aged up to 7-8 and was 2) only legal in freestyle, I hadn't pressed the issue with him. He has sworn to me, many times over, that he really wants to do it. Well the eighty chips have been spent on sign up champ, you WILL now swim. Who doesn't love a good minute plus 25 freestyle anyway?

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  1. A 5th grade teacher whom everyone loves at CSE describes those projects as "cooked" or "raw". It's obvious to teachers and students when science fair projects or dioramas have been "cooked" by hovering parents. When describing a science fair project by one of her classmates, S said, "Oh, her mother really did a great job on the project" in a very deadpan manner.