Monday, June 11, 2012

The Highs and Lows of the Weekend

The kids and I have been clocking 6+ hours a day at the pool so far. Apart from the fact that the long days may necessitate a separate line item in the household budget for sunscreen, summer, she is treating us just fine.

Friday, after our tenure at the pool, we had Supper Club. And naturally, took the requisite girls picture - minus Molly who was at a lacrosse tournament.

Look at me and Mel sacrifice and stand on the end. Y'all are welcome.

Saturday was more pool in a rather disjointed way. Maggie and E didn't want to leave after swim practice but Morrigan was dying to bike on the Greenway. King and Fiona were kind enough to watch the younger two while Morrigan and I set off for biking. My hopes were minimal. My prediction was we would be back in under an hour and a half.

Color me shocked when she proved me wrong and biked for what seemed like forever.

As I am currently in the ranks of the bikeless, I got to sit and read the Twitter as she rode. When she tired of riding, it was back to the Club where ever shifting voting blocks meant the stay-at-the-pool faction held power until WAY late in the day. I was unbelievably happy we had no plans that night.

Especially considering today was a day at the lake! When we arrived, our hostess told me her nephew, about Morrigan's age, was intrigued by the fact that we had a daughter and wanted to know if she was pretty.

Not. Ready. For. This.

Luckily for me, neither is she and most of her day was spent with Summer. Which is peachy.

Really, the fish were in no danger.

No romance, but plenty of sunshiny fun. 

I want you to guess how well this went.

We had a bump in the road when Maggie realized that she failed to catch even one fish during the annual fishing competition. Poor Mags was devastated and commenced to crying. Even after some hugs and reassurances from some seasoned fishing Dads that they would help her, she remained inconsolable. 

Yes, I took pictures of my child's grief. Don't get all judgey. 

And those tears hurt. There was some discussion of a contest extension, especially crafted for Maggie to meet with success, but in the end, Karen, knowing my stance on "blue ribbon children," let today be the day Maggie learned about disappointment. Don't worry, she rallied and found out that not winning the fishing contest was not the end of the world.

That and Karen's Dad took her out on the jetski, sure to cure all that ails you.

While this should be the end of our day's adventures, we still had a Girl Scout bridging ceremony on deck. We hustled away from the lake in order to arrive on time only to discover that they were willing to wait, really for quite some time, for the one person who was late. 

Color me annoyed.

The ceremony went off, in the end, with many hitches, including candles that staunchly refused to stay lit. But candles were the least of our troubles. Before the reception that followed directly after, the kids were running around and Maggie took a big tumble, twisting her ankle. We got to exit stage left, early, with Maggie being carried to the car so we could ferry off to her father for evaluation. 

It was all very dramatic but our fears of major injury were unfounded. After a little rest, she's back up and at 'em. Bringing a close to another whirlwind summer weekend.

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